Top of the list

Finally! After more than a year of waiting Lucy and I have made it to the top of the waiting list for an allotment. We received a letter this morning and Lucy gave the lady in charge a call to arrange a viewing. We’ve decided to go down next Wednesday at 10:00 to see what the available plots look like. From what the woman said on the phone there seems to be a 10 Rod plot with 2 sheds and a green house, the previous owner wants £100 for them on top of the plot costs; a 10 Rod plot with nothing on; and finally a 5 Rod plot with a greenhouse, which the previous owner wanted £150 for, ouch!

A rod is 5.5 yards (5.03 metres) and a 10 rod plot is actually 10 square rods, so a 10 rod plot is a pretty decent size for 2 people to work. After getting over the initial shock of having to pay extra for the shed/greenhouse on the 10 rod plot, I’ve decided that it sounds like the best option.

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  1. chooky Says:

    you’re doing a lovely job it looks really wonderful xxx dc

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