First visit

I took my lunchbreak early today and we went down to check out our potential allotment. The lady who runs the allotments showed us 5 or 6 sites in the end, I’d lost count after a while. The 5 rod plot with the greenhouse that she’d mentioned on the phone turned out to have a 4 year old asparagus plot on it and some quite established blackberries growing on it, neither of which we’d really be able to move.

The other plots we saw were all okay, but nothing that special. The one that really caught our eye was the 10 rod plot with the greenhouse that was top of our shortlist before we’d even seen it. It lived up to our expectations with both sheds being in good condition and the greenhouse looking like it’d been well cared for. Another bonus was that the previous owner had done a pretty good job of clearing the land so we’d have a real clean slate to work with. Of course, we decided to take the plot!

I had to get back to work by this time, so the lady in charge of the allotments gave us a little round-up of all the costs and we agreed to come back on Saturday morning to pay for everything and collect the keys.

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