More clearing

Yesterday Lucy went down to the allotment at about 3 O’Clock to do a bit more clearing while I was forced to stay trapped inside working. When half-five rolled around I hopped on my bike and rode down to meet her. It was the first time I’d ridden there and I was pretty surprised at how quick the journey was. From door to gate it was only about 5 minutes. According to Google Maps Pedometer it’s only 0.6869 miles so it’s really quite close.

When I got there Lucy had done a fantastic job of clearing up the area between the shed and greenhouse, it’s now looking very neat and tidy. I got to work clearing a disintegrated bench away from the fence next to the shed. Clearing the wood from the old bench was simple, but underneath it were numerous plastic sacks that had turned into tiny plastic shards, which now litter the soil. We’ve decided to be very careful about using any plastics on the allotment since nearly every bottle or bag that we’ve found so far has become brittle over time and started to litter the place with coloured flakes.

By the time we left at 7 it was getting very difficult to see, a problem that’ll get worse soon when the clocks go back. It was looking nice though from what I could see in the dim twilight. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to get back down there this week and the weekend after’s not looking hopeful either as I’ll be in London. I’ll have to try and cram in some more after-work sessions.

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