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Recovered from the undergrowth Clearing up nicely Spikey bramble, hidden cold-frame All the cleared weeds

Lucy and I went down to the allotment after I finished work today to survey our kingdom and because Luicy wanted to show me what she’d been up to during the week. Amazingly, she’d unearthed a huge glass cold frame in amongst the brambles at the back of the plot (see pic above). It’s in really good condition apart from a few cracked panes, which we should be able to replace using some of the many glass sheets that seem to be littered under every overgrown bush, like ice that’s formed during cold weather.

We’ll probably move the cold frame from its position at the back of the plot to a spot in front of the greenhouse where it should catch the sun for more of the day. The space created by moving it and by clearing the brambles will probably be used for some decorative planting, althouh we’ve still not got round to drawing up a planting plan yet so tht may change.

The next big jobs that need doing are the construction of raised beds, ready for spring, and the replacement of the current compost heap, which at the moment is a rusting pile of dangerously sharp corrugated iron. Even though it nees re-building the current heap is actually full of very nice compost, which will be perfect for filling the new beds with. Another job is a by-product of making the raised beds - making paths. I quite like the idea of using scented plants like camomile instead of turf on those areas.

While looking round the back of the plot I noticed the body of what I first thought was a mouse, but on closer inspection turned out to be a small rat…a small, headless rat. Lovely. Looks like the allotment cats/foxes are good at their job but quite discerning when it comes to the quality of their food. The rat obviously wasn’t certified Organic.

Note to the timid: Gratuitous headless rat photos follow



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