Brief Update

I’ve been slacking on the updates recently as the allotment workload ramps up so here’s an overview of what’s happened recently (pictures to follow later):

Arran Pilot & Kestrel early potatoes have gone in.

Three onion varieties have been planted, 2 white, 1 red. That’s Stuttgart & Centurion for the white and Red Baron for the red.

A new salad bed has been created and planted with Spinach (Picasso F1) , Mizuna and Lamb’s Lettuce. More will be going in later.

Iceberg lettuce has gone in in another salad bed.

A new brick-edged strawberry bed has been created and planted with strawberries transferred from our garden.

Parsnip seeds have gone into half of one bed (although we have yet to see any signs of life nearly 3 weeks on…).

3 cloves of elephant garlic have been planted in a row next to our other garlic plants (which are doing very well). We’ve yet to see any shoots from them.

At home I’ve just transferred about 10 aubergine plants out of the propagator and into larger pots ready for moving to the greenhouse when it’s warmer. I have 4 different varieties - Ping Tung, Thai Yellow Egg, Long Violet and Pandora Striped Rose. The Long violet all germinated well with the other varieties only producing 1 or 2 viable plants.

After potting on the aubergines I filled the propagator with 3 varieties of sweet pepper - Antohi Romanian (Wide pointed peppers), Golden Bell (Sweet yellow bell peppers) and Friggitello (Long pointed peppers). With any luck I’ll get some good plants from that bunch. I might plant up some hot peppers soon too.

That’s your lot for the time being, I’ll get something better posted in the next week with some pictures included.

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  1. PCSO Bloggs Says:


    Just thought I’d drop you a line. Enjoying the blog. I wish I had time to grow my own food. Good luck with everything and I look forward to reading more.

    I’ve linked to you on my blog BTW.


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