Spring is springing

Semi-circular salad bed Spinach - Picasso F1 Mizuna Batavia lettuce Batavia lettuce bulking out

Salad and onions Preparing the soil for more salad Salad bed looking healthy Salad! For eating! Mizuna and Baby leaf spinach, with a dressing of blood, sweat and tears

Soon to be fruit Serenaded by our little friend Lone bluebell In amongst the garlic New blossom

A Poundland cloche Happy courgette under glass Courgettes under cover All the courgettes under glass now 6 Red Caulis

Red cauliflowers In their new bed Slug attack! Protecting the cauliflowers from invasion Pasting table in the greenhouse

Keeping the physalis warm Edible Cape Gooseberry Kestral Potato, I think Potatos poking out Aaran Pilot Potatoes

Kestrel Potatoes Onions. Doing well at the front, not at the back Goodies in the cold frame Pretty, but annoying...Pretty annoying Weed control, Owen style

Getting the better of nature's engineering Wings well and truey clipped Dusky digging Burning more scrap Pseudo-moody Lucy - Fire God

It’s been very busy on the plot as everything has been shooting up at an incredible speed. All our salad crops are doing well and even more have gone in. New additions include: 3 Courgette Plants, 6 Red Cauliflowers, Normal white Cauliflower, Beetroot, Kale, Cavelo Nero, Brussel Sprouts and probably a few more (which I shall add later).

After a huge number of Dandelions managd to put up their fluffy seed heads I decided that a good (and fun) way to to get rid of them was with a blowtorch. The idea being that they wouldn’t be able to float all over the plot. It was surprising quick to toast a large number of the heads as they only need a quick pass with the blowtorch before they vaporise in a puff of smoke.

There have been more exciting developments on the plot this weekend, but I’ll detail those (along with eveything else I’ve missed out in this quick update) in another post very soon.

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