A slow winter

Piles of rubbish That's progress! Saved from the undergrowth Beds all over Slaving away as usual

Lunch in the shed Lucy slurping soup Starting the other side All marked out Nice clouds today

It’s been a slow month down on the allotment, I blame the weather. We managed to get all the beds on the right hand side of the plot dug before it got too rainy, but since then we’ve slacked off a bit. The last time we were down there digging we both had 3 pairs of gloves on…It was painfully chilly.

HIJACK! It’s me! Lucy! mmmm….yummy vegetables I can’t wait…..

I’ve done some tinkering with the radio transmitter/receiver boards (to send data between the allotment and our flat), but not managed to get them working reliably yet. I’ll get some details about them up when I get a chance.

Yesterday we found a good source for old wooden pallets on a industrial estate nearby. We’ve got to do a bit of asking around before we can run off with them, but when we get our grubby mits on some we’ll get the raised beds and compost heap sorted out.

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