Path building & Compost Clearing

Winter Sunset Cheeky face! Lucy pondering plans Hairy visitor in the shed So much glass

Glass lurking by the shed Mess behind the shed Yet more glass Just some of our growing glass collection Lunchbreak

Timber from the bushes Laying out timber in preparation Cutting in the cold Laying out the first slats The beginning of the path

Cutting wood for the path Central path Central path coming along well Our first crop! Lovely Garlic One is not amused

Love on the allotment Taking a break Clearing the compost heap Planning the next move The end of the day on the allotment

Mud! So much mud! The soil on the allotment is good quality, but when it’s wet it turns into a thick clay based glue that forms a thick coating on anything that touches it…mainly our shoes. To make things a bit easier I’ve started making a path down the center of our plot using old planks that we’ve pulled out of the weeds. I’m cutting them at an angle and then alternating the side that the plank touches to leave a solid path down the middle, with gaps down the edges (see the photos above). In the gaps we’re going to plant aromatic herbs so that when you walk down the path and brush them you get the nice scents.

Lucy cleared out even more glass from down by the shed. We’ve got quite an enormous pile of it now and we’re not totally sure what to do with it. Not many places seem to take sheet glass for recycling. She also made a start clearing out the old compost heap so that we can rebuild it and fill the raised beds with the material that comes out of it. Annoyingly it seems that Old Bob had left it full of crisp packets, sweet wrappers and carpet off-cuts! In amongst all the junk is some lovely rich, dark soil though, so we’ll forgive him…Well I will, Lucy might not.

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