Ours at last

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Shed door Chunky old lock The shed in need of a clean What the mice left behind Spider's eye view

High tech wall retaining system Happiness Five star facilities Rusty tank In the old bath then on the heap

This morning we sorted out all the details and got the keys to our shiny new allotment, huzzah!

As we got onto the plot an old guy came over from one of the allotments opposite, turned both his hearing aids up and shouted a nice warm welcome at us. It seems that we’ve taken over ‘Old Bob’s plot’. He’d been there 20 years before we got there and had left at the start of October to live overseas with his family. Cheers Bob!

After that we got on with the long job on tidying the place up. Even though the majority of the land was cleared, the area between the shed and greenhouse at the rear of the plot was completely overgrown, and the inside of the greenhouse needed some clearing out.

A little way into the trimming, cutting and tidying a guy we’d seen on our first visit to the site drove past a little way, then stopped and got out. We went over and had a chat and introduced ourselves. The man, whose name turned out to be Mike, was a nice guy who has quite a few plots a little way up from our own. He gave us 6 lettuces as a moving in present, and because he had a bit of a glut. I like allotment people!

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  1. Iris Says:

    Lovely site,great photo’s.Iam sure it’s going to look great,keep up the good life.
    Best wishes Iris

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