Down on the farm

Our greenhouse The greenhouse as we found it Nice old watering cans It's been very hot at some point A top-down view

Lucy working hard Harriet Joff Looking down the plot Relaxing with the radio

Just started clearing Semi-cleared, lots more to do After much clearing

This morning we went to a genuinely ‘Massive Boot Sale’. I picked up a little portable radio with 7 Shortwave bands, Mediumwave, Longwave and FM - Perfect for allotment listening. Lucy bought a nice sturdy looking fork with a smooth wooden handle, meaning that we now have a fork each to get digging with.

When we’d finished at the boot sale we came back to the house and made up some sandwiches (made with the lettuce Mike gave us yesterday), filled a thermos with hot water for tea and packed everything up in the car, then off we went to the allotment.

We managed to clear nearly all the overgrown plants at the back of the plot and Lucy did a great job clearing the greenhouse and pulling out some very spikey plants with roots that didn’t want to give up their hold on the soil.

There was an enormous amount of chicken wire and thick plastic netting buried in amongst all the plants which took quite a bit of pulling and cutting to set free, but it was worth it in the end to see the area looking like something you could actually plant into.

The shed is 6′ x 4′ with a roof that slope quite sharply backwards, the inside needed a good clean out. Luckily no rodents had taken up residence, or if they had they’d moved on when they heard us coming. There were still some enormous spiders to be found lurking in the corners though. At some point I’ll refit the insides with new shelves and a decent floor that doesn’t let in the plants and mice. Currently it’s all a bit ramshackle, but it’ll do for the time being.

We got there around 12:30 today and didn’t leave until 18:30, it was a nice long day’s digging.

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  1. Sue Kemp Says:

    For Lucy
    Hi - I have just been talking to your Dad. Love the site and the piccies. The radio is great - hope it’s Radio 2 !!!!! The photos of the door hardware and the number 7.

    Happy allotmenting


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